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Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe (and Wash)
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Author Hungry Robot Wardenclyffe (and Wash)
Just came across this pedal. I like the demos I've seen. I currently use a Zvex Instant Lo Fi Junky and was considering a Copper Effects Generation Loss. I want another Lo Fi style box.

It would primarily be used for electronic organ, electronic piano, drum machines and different synthesizers or samples.

From what I can tell it has a bit more variety to it than the Cooper. They both seem really nice.

Any experience with the Wardenclyffe?

ps - the Hungry Robot Wash looks interesting too, but I already have an Old Blood Noise Endeavors Dark Star that I use on bass.
That thing sounds really cool and is smartly designed. I like the reverb and filter add-ins as they make the pedal special.

Every time that I’m tempted by pedals like this, I remember that I can and have built similar in my Axe-FX, which yields much more control via pedals, footswitches and MIDI. This one might make for a fun Sunday project. It sounds really good, dare I say better than the Zvex, as well as more flexible.
The Wardenclyffe sounds great but I think I can get quite similar results with a BBD delay set to fully wet, no feedback and shortest delay time with some subtle modulation added to the delay time for pitch warble...
I doubt that. You'd need to factor in the filters and the sustained reverb at least.
I have both. I first picked up the Instant Lo-Fi and I love the warble side of the dial. Using it with synths, I'm not finding any use for the compression side. However, the Instant Lo-Fi adds so much noise to the signal chain that I wanted to get another warbler, so I picked up the Wardenclyffe. It's a thoughtful pedal, and I love the sound of the reverb, but I do like the Zvex's warble better than Wardenclyffe for some reason. I kinda want to try the CBA Warped Vinyl HiFi since it's based on the Instant Lo-Fi, with reduced noise.
I have/use both the Wash and the Wardenclyffe, for all my outboard synths/drum machines. I am not personally a fan of bit reduction (I prefer smoother saturation only), so I've only got demos of the LoFi. But.... I absolutely love the sound that Hungry Robots goes for.
The wash, inside, has an honest-to-goodness cap cascade; and everything that implies. The reverb side is huge and smooth; leaning towards the big-ambient side of things. The delay is crackly, dark, and obviously aliases on high-freq sounds. The comparison in my mind is of the original Boss delay pedal from the 80s. Awesome, if that's the sound you're after. [The modulation on the delay/rvb fills the room with 'analog wonky goodness'.]
The Wardenclyffe has an awesome full chorus sound, with a lot of adjustability. I don't even bother with their built-in 'freeze-verb', 'cuz I have the Wash for that. But the lopass filter, and switchable waves, make for a very goo-ey sound. Not as super-modulated as a Dimension... More like a 'full' sound in the spectrum. I love it on 'boards; use it all the time.

Both are mono-only, coming from the guitar-pedal world; but that can be 'fixed' upstream (in yer DAW, or run through a stereo-spread pedal).

The company's production is all through-hole, looks all handmade, and construction looks bombproof. I have no affiliation with them (in case this looks like shameless plugging); but I'm always on the lookout when they release something new. I don't have any of their other pedals yet; most are some form of variation on the reverb/dly/mod categories (and I'm very happy with what I've got.

Bottom line: When you want down 'n dirty delay/verb/mod, it's just the thing. [I'm assuming you have some sort of clean alternative, when you want simple clean repeats, or shorter/more parameter-changing 'verbs...]
Kent wrote:
I doubt that. You'd need to factor in the filters and the sustained reverb at least.

Yeah sure, but I don't like that reverb anyway...
Rex Coil 7
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