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FH-2 Euclidian Patterns
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Author FH-2 Euclidian Patterns
Recently received my FH-2 and it is wonderful. I use it w the ROLI SB in MPE mode.

The clocks etc. work great. However, I cannot get a Euclidian pattern out of it. Maybe I misunderstand the feature. I expected it to be some sort of Euclidian sequencer / sending a number of gates in euclidian timesteps or so.

Have watched the YT film about it but did not get any smarter from it.

Has maybe someone a sample configuration with some explanation? The explanation in the manual is quite ... limited. At least for a noob.
The configuration sets up how the Euclidean is controlled - you then have to send CCs (or use the FH-2's menus) to actually activate the thing.

A minimal config looks like this:

Once you send a non-zero value to Pulses the Euclidean will start generating a pattern.
Thanks, would there be any way to pre-configure the number of steps, the rotation etc. without the need to send Midi?
You can change that by editing the preset via the FH-2's menus, and then save it as a preset.
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