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ES-3 MK4 in stock anywhere in the US? Factory calibration?
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Author ES-3 MK4 in stock anywhere in the US? Factory calibration?
I really need to buy an ES-3 MK4. But every retailer I check in the US is out of stock. Any clue when more might hit the stores here?

Also…if my VCOs track 1 V/Octave really well, do I have to do the Silent Way active calibration thing? Or are they factory calibrated to output a very accurate 1 V/Octave by default?
A bunch were shipped out last week so they should be in stock very soon.

The ES-3 is not calibrated. The Silent Way calibration is as much about calibrating the ES-3 as it is about calibrating the VCO.
Hey thanks! My primary interest is ADAT out to CV conversion. I much prefer this rather than USB/Midi to CV. Perhaps occasional sending audio for processing on the synth.

So the ES-3 seems to be the one.

Despite its description as a USB to CV converter, can the ES-8 do ADAT to CV as well? Does it also require calibration? Plus it does CV to ADAT right?

(I'm now thinking maybe I *do* want to record modular CV's in my DAW.)

thanks again...
The ES-8 in 'standalone mode' works as an ADAT to CV converter. It also does the reverse.

But so does the ES-6, and the combination of the ES-3 & ES-6 is cheaper than an ES-8.
Hey thanks! I think the ES-3 & ES-6 is the combo for me. cheers, Philip
New ES-3's and ES-6's still out of stock everywhere. BUT a used ES-3 came up for sale at Control Voltage (the store) and I snagged it! Didn't save a whole lot over the new price…but at least I have one on the way.
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