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disting mk4: unwanted noise in J4 (wav w/ End CV)
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Author disting mk4: unwanted noise in J4 (wav w/ End CV)
I'm repeatedly sending triggers to re-trigger a sample. While changing the start time, I'm getting lots of bad clicking sounds.

I tried changing the fadeIn and fadeOut and gap options from 3 to 10 ms, but i get the same result. All other playlist options are default.

Using the suggested SanDisk SD card.

Firmware is 4.10.2

Any tips on mitigating this, or maybe it's a bug?

Next time I get into studio, I can try using a mono sample instead of stereo if you think that might effect it. Any other suggestions to try or help debug?
I think you're just coming up against a limitation of the algorithm. It may be possible to improve it.

Are you using X or Z for the retrigger?
X Mr. Green

I'm really just playing around, and noticed the noise. What is the intended behaviour of changing start time while the sample is already playing? Does it "adjust the playhead" somehow (like scrubbing?) or would it only take effect when the next retrigger occurs?
Looking at the code, it does appear to be updating the playhead immediately if it's outside the range between the start position and the end position, which will potentially give the noise you describe.

So it's doing what was intended, but I don't honestly remember why I intended for it to work that way smile Perhaps I need to revisit it.
all good! Thanks for checking the code
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