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Serge won't calibrate
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Author Serge won't calibrate
Hi, can't find a similar thread although i'm sure it's been asked before; how on earth do you get a serge to calibrate? When i use the calibration curve from my MS10 it plays along nicely (altough all out of tune of course) but as soon as i start a volt/octave calibration i can hear the scaling begin, but no curve is drawn and when the sequence is done, no more cv output. Do i need to do any special setting? Im running my THC 73-75 homebuilt system straight into my MOTU ultralite MK3 with a sine wave just going trough the VCA, i've also soldered the appropriate 1/4 to banana with floating ring, ground to ground jack etc. Any ideas would be much appreciated!
If the Voice Controller's calibration curve isn't updating during calibration, that would indicate that the plug-in isn't getting an audio signal from the VCO.
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