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jeskola buzz?
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Author jeskola buzz?
does anyone here use this DAW?
Thread Necromancy - GO!

Yes, nikmus- I very much have enjoyed Buzz! These days, I mostly work with hardware synths & DAWs, or Renoise, though. But Buzz is great, and the original developer resurrected it & the community have created several new v ersions - Buzztard, Aldrin, etc.
Buzz was my(and I'd bet alot of folks') first DAW. The results I made in 99/00 didn't sound all that great, but it was alot of fun to play with. Every once in awhile I'll re-install and play it until it crashes. It still crashes a bunch for me, sadly.
buzz is great these days, I am running it with silent way through a MOTU ultralite. With POLACs most recent ASIO in and out its amazing. Jeskola buzz integrated with a modular
I've used Buzz off and on since 2002ish. I have kept a desktop quarantined from the web just for Buzz. I love it and still use it from time to time. I wasn't aware of the newer versions of Buzz. I'll have to get on that. Of course, this thread is a pretty old. I doubt many people are still using it now.
Oh, hello there, nikmis! I recognize your name from somewhere. I just signed up here for a different reason than Buzz, which I've been using since 1999.

PS: I've just released a new EQ called "Enceladus" for buzz at the new main plugin repository:

Any good demos/tutorials on Buzz?
checkout sunvox
Oh Buzz. love

I used Buzz for many years and producera some music with it that I’m still proud of. In 2010 I switched to Ableton Live, though.
I played a lot with Buzz in the beginning of the 2ks and it became my main music production station, it is simple but deep with all those machines

It was fantastic and lots of fun, and also played with trackers before, so this was just the continuation for me

don't work a lot with computers currently, mostly on my modular and edition in reaper, but still intrigued by the the Buzz renaissance

made some tracks here with Buzz :
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