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ES-3 and ES-5 at 96k with SMUX and Pro Tools
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Author ES-3 and ES-5 at 96k with SMUX and Pro Tools
I have an ES-3, with an ES-5 connected to the first header, connected to ADAT outputs on my audio interface. I run Pro Tools at 96k, so I use the AAX SMUX module (on two stereo aux channels; one feeding from a stereo bus pair and a mono sidechain bus, outputting to ES-3 "1&2" (smuxed to 1-4), another feeding from a second stereo bus pair and another mono sidechain bus, and outputting to ES-3 "3&4" (smuxed to 5-8).

This appears to make the CV 4 output on the ES-3 mirror the same signal as CV 3, is that correct? (With maybe some pan law applied?)

But what about the ES-5? Should I expect to get anything useful from the ES-5, or is the pan law that gets applied to the single sidechain input going to mess with the bits such that the gates on ch7-8 will be garbage? I haven't been able to get the ES-5 to output anything useful at 96k.

I'd like to use the ES-5 to output clocks and other triggers from my DAW, but have had to use the ES-3 CV outs for those instead so far.
Just realized I can use Blue Cat Patchwork to route 4 channels from the AAX Silent Way Voice Controller to an SMUX plugin internally and get the use of all 4 channels of the SMUX.

Just tested this out and it works. nanners
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