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dreadbox Hades Real DIY
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Author dreadbox Hades Real DIY
I was not brave enough to buy the dreadbox Hades DIY kit, when it was available, which was a big mistake, but since then I've learned DIY, and decided to make a real DIY on stripboard.
After 3 months of careful planning, yesterday, the final, most difficult module was finished (VCO).
And yes, I made it on separate modules.
Everything seems working, just a few final tweaking remained (maybe getting the VCO tracking perfectly will be a bit harder work...).
I intend to share the layouts with the community, if Yiannis will allow it.
I plan to release two or three versions. One pure vanilla, based on the schematics, and in the most compact and easy form.
And there will be an extra version, with added mods, and bigger layouts, with 16 pin eurorack connectors and more comfortable jack wiring (bringing all the connections to the front of the module), and with mounted switches.

I tested every module, all are working perfectly; for a foretaste, here is the first test of the VCO. I used an LFO for CV in, and fed it into the Hades VCF, that is all yet (no EG, no VCA):


Share your thoughts about it, if You feel.
Wow awesome, and it sounds great! Would love to see some wip photos smile
thanks for the cheer up!
Yeah, I also think it sounds great. In a few days I will test the whole system together (especially because I ran out of some components, so the VCO does not have Pulse output yet).
Tomorrow I'll make some new photos; until then, there is one on the Soundcloud demo (that is the VCA), and here is the EG2:

Aesthetically, there is not much here yet. They don't have faceplate. And as I want to keep the cost as low as possible, I will use the cheapest method, like polycarbonate sheets or something. Because the whole system will cost about the price of a cheap and used module from Doepfer . So I don't want to spend the same price on aluminium faceplates d'oh!
The knobs are also the very-very cheapest from Ali.

Although, if You are into DIY, You will see, that the boards itself are already beautiful. I try to make them as clean and tidy as possible. That is why I intend to use clear faceplates; so everyone can see what's inside thumbs up
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