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Quickly create a WAV file playlist using Command Prompt
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Author Quickly create a WAV file playlist using Command Prompt
I haven't seen this method posted so I thought I would share my technique.

I wanted a quick and easy way to create a playlist for the growing collection of Elektron Soundpacks I own. Each pack contains multiple folders with dozens of WAV files in each and manually typing each file name into the playlist was not something I wanted to do so I came up with this super fast and easy method. I'm on Windows 10 but this method should work on all versions (even DOS smile ).

Step 1:

Insert your SD card into your PC and wait for it to mount. Once mounted, copy the folder containing the .wav files to the root of the SD card using Windows explorer(or other file explorer application).

Step 2:

Once your folder has copied over to the SD card, launch the Command Prompt application(hit Windows key and type "Command"). Next enter the letter of the drive letter along with a colon into the command line window - ie D: or E: (depending on what your PC references it). Now navigate into the folder containing the files you are making a playlist for by typing:

cd <name of your folder>

for example: cd hotwire - this command will navigate to the folder named "hotwire"

Step 3:

once you are in the folder you want, type the command dir to see the contents of the folder, confirming you are in the correct folder. Once you're sure that you are in the correct folder type the following command:

dir /b > playlist.txt

This command will create a text file named playlist.txt containing a list of all of the files within that folder along with their extensions. Now open that file with Notepad and it should look something like this:


Step 4:

Using Notepad, remove any reference to the playlist.txt and add the following text to the top of the file:

disting playlist v1

Modify these lines as desired.
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