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Anyone built the Elby Tube VCA? Calibration question
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Author Anyone built the Elby Tube VCA? Calibration question
Hi dudes. Posted this over on Euro but didn't get much love so I thought I'd try here with my DIY family smile. Anyway, I built a DIY full kit of the Elby "Panther" Tube VCA. Everything went OK, but the calibration is not going to plan exactly.

The instructions say to feed a 20Hz 2Vpp triangle and adjust the fine trim pot to minimize bleed and then turn it back 1/2 a turn. Then turn the coarse to get 5Vpp with the gain all the way up. If I do this, I can only get about 4.1Vpp with the trimmer at full CCW. Also, the unit has a distinct mains hum that I don't hear really with my other units in the same case (RackBrute).

Any advice from anyone who has built this guy before? I'll double check all the components and soldering, but I have a pretty good track record for being thorough and not messing stuff like that up. hmmm.....
Well shoot the ground hum was just a bad 1\8” cable. Ha.

Still can only calibrate to 4.4Vpp. Sound pretty good other than the unit has an audible ~6-8kHz? Whine to it at all times when powered up. Whether an input is plugged in or not. I’ve already checked all the components and checked all solder joints and re flowed if necessary. Must just be the tube. seriously, i just don't get it
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