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weevil08 - very much a novice enquiry or two
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Author weevil08 - very much a novice enquiry or two
hope this isn't off-piste, but I've just picked up a Weevil08 from ebay like. this is only my second synthy unit (the first being a Gakken SX150...), so I'm trying to learn fast!

a couple of quick questions:

- what's the best way to clean the contacts? obviously been much played, just wondering what's the best way to de-grime without doing damage
- is there a manual of any kind? like the ones for the weevil etc on the archived site. be good to know what the nobs and things are doing in theory, as I'm hoping to have a crack at a kit in the future

sorry if the questions are a little too basic..!
No worry at all and you made me realise that there wasn't any instruction sheet online for those ones - oops!

It was actually a very brief affair - one block of text on the front - click here to view - and then the control/block diagram on the description page.

For cleaning the pads -- well, these had 'proper' pcbs for the touch-plates so:::
i) for light gunk just use a damp cloth - obviously with power switched off!
ii) for any sort of corrosion you can use a light abrasive - eg a very fine sandpaper -- but this may take the pcb coating off leaving bare copper underneath (colour changes from silvery to copper) so only do it gently and with a fine grade.

Hope that helps!
now, that was super quick, Tom! thanks so much. I'm looking forward to playing, and (a little less so) to cleaning tonight.

can I fire another quick question while your there? for the complete novice, as I most definitely am, do the WOM, postcard and board weevils operate in a different kind of sphere to the Weevil08? obviously, my question is leadint to how many more I might need...! love

many thanks again
well, they are pretty fucking nuts if that is your real question hihi
The WOM has a slight different approach to the Weevils - ie it doesn't have the quasi-ring-mod that is one of the keys of the Weevil behaviour.

All Weevil designs have had similar core behaviours, but with quite different 'wrappings' which result in quite different results - partly circuit-wise and partly how things are presented to the player.

Nuts is about the sum of it!
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