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FH-2 envelope assignment
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Author FH-2 envelope assignment
Big fan of the FH-2, but I find the output assignment a bit confusing.

I have a sequence on channel 15, and have designated output 1 as V/oct CV, and output 2 as an ADSR (envelope 2) controlling volume. I want to add a pitch envelope to output 1 as well, but when I activate envelope for the output, in addition to having CV activated, then envelope 1 seems to override the envelope 2 on output 2? Seems odd.

I can achieve what I want by assigning envelope 3 to output 1, but I think it shoul work the way I describe above?

Hope that makes sense and maybe you can help..
I should say MIDI channel 15 is the assigned channel for the voice sequence, and output 1, 2 and 3 are assigned to that. Basically I'd love to free up the 3rd output to do something else.
There's one envelope per MIDI/CV converter. So if you want two you need two MIDI/CV converters on the same MIDI channel

- one with pitch and env (for your volume)

- one with only env (set to output to the same output as the first converters' pitch)
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