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Noob Op Amp question
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Author Noob Op Amp question
Hello. I am hoping to make a module out of Bleeplab's Picopaso device (see schematic below). I have previously built the device from a kit, discarding the 9v battery case and powering the LM324N with with a single supply +12v wallwart (pin 11 to ground). My question is this: For a module project would there be any advantage/detriment/difference if I powered the LM324N with +12v and -12v (and of course grounding the rest of the circuit elsewhere)? Note that on the kit the + supply is connected to pin one of the shape pot. Thank you.

Actually I see an issue with single-supply. The output is DC-coupled, and with single-supply, there would be a large DC component that could cause speaker thump or other problems in whatever you connect it to.

Using dual supplies will reduce the offset, but I'd still probably add a series capacitor on the output.
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