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FH-2 Config tool: a small feature request
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Author FH-2 Config tool: a small feature request
since surch is broken.........a new thread.
edit: ok, see first post 2 please.

i had LOTS of problems with the old inline config tool ( with chrome).
in fact it was not working on my main music mac.

i worked yesterday the first time with the desktop based config tool,
and immediatedly were my settings working. good success ! Great feel.

now, later have i had nontheless problems and my wanted settings were never working on the FH-2.
anyway, thats NOT the point here.

The point here is:
when i sit on the PC and i hit "send to FH-2" would i like to see a clear visible feedback from the FH-2 that the "programming" has been arrived from the config tool !
so thats my feature request:
a good visible notification/feedback !
( i *sit* 150cm away from the FH2 when programming for example)

it would take out a component of uncertainity in the equation when things donĀ“t run as expected when programming the FH-2 from the Config tool.
ok, i see,

on the config tool top left, is the data field updated when i send data to the FH-2.
maybe this is a granted sign that the data transfer has been finalized with success ?

nevertheless, some LED blinking as a visual feedback would be welcome wink
but i see the point of a possible disagreement here, ofcoarse wink
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