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Fender Bassman 100 in a pedal?
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Author Fender Bassman 100 in a pedal?

I own a late sixties Bassman 100 I use since 15 years+, I'm on the process to start an adventure as a touring musician with a folk rock due/trio but the Bassman is impractical for transportation reasons, but I can't think about anything else with the dynamic saturation I love from my that particular amp that is part of my signature sound (gain at 10, volume at 3), when I play through a DI or a transistor amp I don't have the same auditive orgasm I have with the combination of a Precision bass + Bassman amp.

In your experience is there anything out there to check out? Tube preamps or stuff like that to connect directly to the house PA?

Thanks in advance for your time!
There's quite a few Bassman pedals out there in stompbox-land. Boss do one. Caitlinbread's Formula 5F6, Hao Sole Pressure, and others. Most are based on the tweed bassman though.

There are also 1W Tube Micro amps you can buy for both bass and guitar.

If I were to do this I'd build a 2W Bassman Micro Amp with speaker output and headphone / line output, but I've built tube guitar amps before.

For proper bass amps that don't weigh a ton I've read that Hartke are pretty good.

My own bass amp is an old Traynor Bass Mate Y2B, 25W, which is based upon the Bassman / JTM45 circuitry. Not too heavy to transport around. It's ok for bass at a pinch, if it's not too loud a gig. I usually use it with baritone guitar, which it's really great for. In the studio I hook up a larger bass cab to it for bass duties.

I also use a Yamaha NE-1 Bass Parametric EQ which is pretty nifty.

Rex Coil 7
I humped around an Ampeg SVT 300 watt head and an Ampeg HLF610 6x10 cabinet for too many years. That head weighed 80 pounds all by itself, and the cab weighed 110 pounds. I came to the conclusion that there had to be another way. And there IS another way!

I went "modular" on my bass rig several years ago and have never looked back. It took me awhile to work out what pleased me most, but I'm mega happy with what I've come up with. I found a mic preamp that really sounds nice, then that goes into a digital 31 band "graphic" EQ that saves EQ curves as presets, and I have added a couple of preamp/distortion stomp boxes. I use a small Mackie mixer to sew it all together. The mixer output is sent to a 1400 watt Mackie solid state power amp, that powers a 2x10 front ported cab and a 2x6 front ported monitor wedge. The 2x10 handles 800 watts, and the wedge can handle 400 watts. I've got all the headroom I'll ever need, and the two cabs push PLENTY of air. And two smaller cabs are a lot easier to hump from gig to gig than one big-ass dumpster sized cabinet.

So here's the rig:

** ART "Tube MP Studio" mic preamp ... these sell for around $45.00. With the high impedance input it's perfect for passive bass pickups. It also has a nice one-knob limiter, and can provide over 50db of gain. I have five of these, that's how much I like them!!
** Alesis DEQ830 digital 31 band EQ.
** Mackie 1202 VLZ3 12ch mixer .. very compact and has enough busses, used they go for about $150 or less. The mixer is the "hub" and really (really!) adds a ton of flexibility to the system.
** EHX Bass Big Muff Pi ... used in the alt bus of the mixer and sent back into it's own return channel of the mixer so I can mix/blend in the amount of grind I want, or even ~mute~ it's return channel to run without the grind at the push of a button.
** Mackie 1400i two channel power amp (1400 watts total) ... available used for under $250.
** Carvin 2x10 front ported bass cabinet.
** Modified Traynor 2x6 floor wedge.
** I also use other distortion devices, the mixer makes it so easy to dial in whatever type of sound I want with a number of distortion units while still retaining sixteen truckloads of low end.

I run the Alesis EQ in the "channel insert" of the mixer. Since it's digital I can switch between EQ curve presets that I took the time to create in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

With this rig I can go direct into a PA, direct to audio interface for recording, or I can use the power amp and the two cabs. Or both.

I'm not suggesting that you use the same gear, I'm suggesting that you work out something that suits you which eliminates the need for a dedicated bass amplifier. Take the time to build up your own "modular bass rig".

I'm into Rush/Geddy Lee type rock tones, punk tones, and modern rock tones.

Broughton audio has that style pre in a pedal. Might want to look there.
Rex Coil 7
.. what about that Tech 21 "Geddy Lee" rack unit? It's got a nice midrange voicing and a midrange semi-parametric EQ with a number of patching output options???

It looks as if Tech 21 now offers a stompbox version of the Geddy Lee rack unit ....

OR this thing .....

Many thanks for the inputs! Cool stuff.

The Tech 21 "Geddy Lee" thing in a stompbox does not look bad at all for my intentions of having something as small as possible, for what I hear it can go close to Yes/Motorpsycho tones with that box, and it's where I came from.

((The only thing I fear is that my Fender amp has this wonderful dynamic "clipping/saturation/harmonic distortion" thing that can go from super clean (smooth/rounded) to saturated depending on the right hand picking violence and that's for me 100% part of the "instrument" as the bass is.))

Also I have to investigate more because I don't understand if the rack version is also a DI box and the pedal is not*, I don't know if it's important if I want to go straight to the house system.

So I leave you this one for the sake of great rock and roll:

*EDIT: looks like you can run it into the PA mixer:
This one is pretty expensive but maybe a tube DI would be a good fit.

The Silver Deluxe is a JFET boost with a Fender tone stack EQ. The JFET topology adds some character to your signal, while the passive EQ delivers the familiar response found on many classic tube amps.

The EQ is an exact recreation of the Fender tone stack with Mids. It is also the same as the Alembic F2B.

$165. sounds like a decent deal

They also have a tube version for $275 but it is sold out ATM.
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