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Mixing + send FX within modular environment?
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Author Mixing + send FX within modular environment?
Hi, I am slowly building up drum voices and would like to send them to FX individually. My smallish mixing desk is running out of channels and only has two FX sends. I'm wondering about mixing my drums in my (Eurorack) modular environment and adding FX there before sending all of them as a drum bus to the mixing desk.

Is anyone doing this and if so do you have modules you can recommend?

BTW, i have a philosophy of DIYing my modules, so kit recommendations are particularly welcome. But I can take inspiration from pre-built modules too. smile

I'm sure there must be threads about this but the search doesn't seem to be working... Dead Banana

EDIT: to be clear, I am not looking for FX module recommendations, more for modules which will allow me to set up FX returns and do general mixing.
Dave Peck
It sounds like all you need are a few 'multiples' to send each drum to multiple fx destinations, and then some simple mixer modules to combine the fx outputs for each drum with the original drum sound. Then these simple mixer outputs go from the modular to the mixing desk.
Yep - I wondered after posting if I was overthinking this. I was looking at the Befaco Hexmix + Expander but it seems like an expensive way of achieving my goal...
What about
My matrix mixer comes out next month.
It's 4 ins and 3 outs in 10hp, so you could send different mixes of three inputs to any of the three outputs - the main use (I imagine) will be as an fx send.
Mutant Hot Glue looks great.

A matrix mixer feeding a standard simple mixer looks like a good option. Maybe the AI one or the Doepfer one.

I will keep an eye out for your new module.
Tesseract Modular make a range of mixer modules that have 2 aux sends, and they're very affordable. You can add together 4 channels at a time of mono or stereo mixing.

Another option is the WMD Performance Mixer, which also has 2 aux sends but a less affordable price
Neo wrote:
Tesseract Modular make a range of mixer modules

Wow, another great option. Thanks.
I've found mention of the "Tesseract Modular" mixers in a few threads, but none of them ending up with any feedback. If somebody eventually got those, can you share your experience with them, plz? What about sound quality?
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