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FH-2 with and without a computer
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Author FH-2 with and without a computer
Mr. Aloud
Would this setup work:

- Connect PC, FH-2 and multiple MIDI controllers (MIDI Fighter Twister x2, TB-3 as sequencer and touchpad) via USB-Hub
- Route hardware controller data to PC, into Ableton, mangle, play out to FH-2, convert into CV
- Optionally add ES-3 as play out device for higher precision (if CV is PC generated and the hardware controllers are just setting control values for the virtual CV generators)

Comparing that to a setup with multiple ES-3 only, the hardware controllers attached via USB to the PC:

- big pro: higher resolution overall, better timing (sample accuracy)
- con: no standalone operation without computer
- con: expansion to bigger setups (8x gate, 16-32x CV) is probably more expensive than FH-2+FHX

As standalone operation is optional for me and price just means waiting time, I wonder which route is better. Maybe a mixed setup?

ES-8 is not an option because of Windows (missing aggregate devices in OS and driver not stackable nor multi-client).
Would this setup work

Yes, though you might consider plugging all the MIDI controllers into the PC and letting the PC do the routing out to the FH-2.

big pro: higher resolution overall, better timing (sample accuracy)

Sample accurate timing only applies to stuff being played back by the DAW. It has no bearing on what's going on in response to your hardware controllers.

- con: no standalone operation without computer

If standalone operation is at all important then the FH-2 is the only choice.
Mr. Aloud
Wait a minute, I thought about these two scenarios:

a) use with PC (usb hub connects all, PC, FH-2, hw controllers)
- MIDI controller is only used to control generator plugin values in PC (Silent Way or Ableton CV Tools or Reaktor)
- generator plugins create CV with audio precision, live output to ADAT
- this is then transferred via ES-3 to CV, so no 7 bit stepping

b) use without PC (PC is just off or cable from hub to PC is removed)
- MIDI controller generates CC (likely 7bit) and those are transferred by FH-2 to CV.
- Does FH-2 do any smoothing of those 128 values?

It seems I get something wrong conceptually, do I?
The FH-2 can apply smoothing. Its DACs are 14 bit.
Mr. Aloud
Thanks, I´ll order a FH-2 and ES-3 combo and then see which protocol I like to use for which kind of CV target. Expanding to more channels will happen afterwards.

Your patience is much appreciated!

*edit* Just ordered.
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