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ES-3 ADAT Oututs Flipped
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Author ES-3 ADAT Oututs Flipped
I'm using an ES-3 MK4 with a MOTU 828x on Mac. Out of nowhere it seems, the outputs have flipped in pairs. For example, I send voltage from output 15 ES-3 1, it goes to output 2. If I send to output 16 ES-3 2, it goes to 1 and so on with all outputs. I confirmed my audio settings in the MOTU audio setup and tested in both Ableton and Digital Performer. Same result. Any ideas out there?
Odd. Are the signals going out actually correct, just on the wrong channel?
The signal is correct. I made sure to send an LFO out of each channel so I could see the rate of the signal changing on the output. It just goes out the wrong channel.
Happy to report the issue seems to have cleared up. I can't say what fixed it, other than waiting a week. I rebooted everything last week, but no change. Now today, it's all correct. So, yay for me I guess? confused
i've had this happen when the interfaces are not powered up when the mac starts...but not always...
never have the problem if the audio interface(s) are on before i start the computer ....

when bad it shows up in the audio midi preference as a mess of confusion
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