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Modular & Mixer (recordings)
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Author Modular & Mixer (recordings)
New 'album' ->

I often record when I play (at home) but never seem to edit things down - the works are transient and I'm never sure if snippets would make sense - so I whacked a group of 3 recent recordings up. There are some rough bits, but I'm pretty happy with some of the parts that morphed into view! This is what I search for - the moments of surprise joy!

The setup is:
5 Frames of BugModular - top row being effects (COFilter, PT Delay, SComp)
Next to it is a mixer + LXR drum machine (mainly for clocking & extra kicks/hats) & a minimal bit of reverb.
This is what I've been playing live recently.

I put a nominal price on it (though obviously free to listen) - though if you like the music I'd be happiest for donations to be made direct to MSF ->
And if you do donate to MSF and want a download, just email me and I can send you a free code.

This might become a series, I don't know.
But, well, hope some people enjoy!
There's my listening for tomorrow sorted!
T. Jervell
Hurra!! w00t
Will check it out and donate tomorrow! Looking forward:-)
Congrats thumbs up
Just generated download codes so if anyone donates to MSF you can email me and I can send you a code for free download.
T. Jervell
Just donated! Such a good cause!
And some very nice music nanners
Just having a first listen... these sound fresh! Definitely a new vibe.

Approximate visualization of Track3 midpoint:

BugBrand! BugBrand! Bananallama! BugBrand! BugBrand!
Super fresh Tom! Your music is excellent - particularly like track 1, alien jazz vibez, some really funky bits. Bugmaster indeed!
Eel Power FTW!
Great, great songs/sounds! applause Dead Banana we're not worthy
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