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ES-8, Win10, & Mackie Blackbird compatibility issue. *so
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Author ES-8, Win10, & Mackie Blackbird compatibility issue. *so
Hi guys,

I just got my ES-8 and I intend it to use 98% of the time as ADAT only so I can record on Ableton the sound of my modular, but also send audio out of Ableton (or CV) into the modular. This was the reason I bought it.

Basically I connected the cables, I get audio from Modular into Ableton and it's all good smile

But for some reason, I'm trying to send audio out of ableton to ES-8 to process it in the modular and I get nothing. I already tried all available outs in ableton and I get nothing on ES-8 via ADAT. When I connect something to ins 1-4 of ES-8 the 1-4 outputs of ES-8 light up... Don't know if this is normal behavior.

My setup is basically Win 10, a Mackie Onyx Blackbird, using ableton 10.1, ES-8 connected to ADAT to Onyx.

Any help would be welcome, as my main reason was to be able to get audio but also send audio out of the pc to the modular, without having to use ES-8 as USB Soundcard.
OK Ignore this.... Everything is OK...

It's the shitty Blackbird stupid routing that is messing all of this. And Mackie are giving 0 help about this....

Feel like sending the Blackbird / Onyx 1620i combo to the garbage honestly.
That isn’t how thread creation and maintenance is allowed here. Please leave threads intact so that they are searchable in the future (when Search is working again).

What if someone has the same problem you have and searches for it? Think of this place as a learning resource.
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