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KODAMO EssenceFM - 300 Voice 16 Part Multitimbral FM Rack
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Author KODAMO EssenceFM - 300 Voice 16 Part Multitimbral FM Rack
the video is in french, but on matriwsynth you have the description wink

whant to hear more !!! art.html#more
I think i want one,great UI!
It seems amazing on paper. I really love how quickly he edited things, and how intuitive it appeared for some of the functions. I have concerns...

1) modulation routing seems limited? Doesn't seem to have FX modulations? So the fx isn't targetable? Also just reading their list of modulation targets I don't think I understand, to be honest. It might be more vast than it appears or it's going to be very limited and designed toward more classic, static sounds.

2) I'm into experimental, modular type, modulation everything that can move to see what I come up with. Not sure if this is able to "if you see it, you can modulate it". If they somehow designed it to be like that, I would be ALL IN...

I think that's it... so mainly modulation is my concern here. The system seems incredibly powerful however. wow. and I love all the touch interface. the knobs are cool too. They seem like they really did not need to be designed, but they threw them in there just because KNOBS!

I'm super-interested in this. In terms of designing algos and waves, it's the FM dream come true. Like Sunspots, I enjoy FM a la Digitone, which is to say, trending at least for me to the weird shifting textures. I trust that there is more to be learned about this. Between this and Mostro, looks like the Golden Age of Modern Analog may be quickly followed by the Golden Age of Modern FM. Yay!

I am presuming that given the design potential at the lowest level, algos/waves, the weirdness inducing LFO's are a "no-brainer," a low level too often, alas, higher than many manufacturers bother to aim for.

If it is a disappointment, then money saved. Win/win!
Good news for alternate tuners (I was asking about MTS support):


We are currently implementing support for microtuning, it works by creating scales with up to 32 notes, each having a tuning in cents from 0 to 1200. It's close to the Scala format, we're working on the ability to import those files.

We didn't know about MTS but we'll have a look at it, so it can be implemented for the first release or as a firmware upgrade later !

Greetings from France,

Stéphane @ Kodamo
Looks cool. Price?
SunSpots wrote:

I think that's it... so mainly modulation is my concern here.

its an FM synth
Dave Peck
This thing looks very promising!
CoreInside wrote:
Looks cool. Price?

Ships in December, price between 800 and 1200 Euros.
From an email with the manufacturer.

1) Price will be approx 1200 euro but is still to be announced officially

2) Modulation matrix already allows you to assign any CC or other value to most of the sound's parameters. We'll also add an internal CC mapping when not in editing mode, so the knobs can be used to control sound parameters in real time without the need of an external controller.

3) We know 8 per voice is a bit low... We'll try to improve it since we have some CPU power left smile
This is the most promising and interesting Synthesizer in the last years, something unique, special and deep, which reminds those years when the Synclavier was a king.. I think this will be the new king smile

Long live to Kodamo Synth !!!

new proto have 8 outpute, that a great news! 8)
most interesting bit to me was the envelope editor. I wonder if copy/paste works for envelope settings across operators. And if the envelopes can do linear decay instead of just curves. I wanna know how much it costs
Now, THAT’S some polyphony right there. It’s antithetical to almost all modern synths. Really impressive spec. applause
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