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Doctor A, stereo delay/reverb... And some bitching!
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Author Doctor A, stereo delay/reverb... And some bitching!
Not 5U, but might make up for the lack of available stereo effect options. A company called Audiothingies just released Doctor A, a stereo delay/reverb box that looks like a decent end of chain option.

It has two assignable cv jacks that can be routed to the delay time, delay level, reverb predelay, and reverb level. (why the F didn't they included cv over delay feedback and reverb decay?)

The audio jacks are 1/4", but the cv jacks are 3.5mm. seriously, i just don't get it

You can save up to four effect settings.

There are 4 different delay modes and 8 different reverb modes.

It's about $355 usd.

I'm thinking of getting one, but what I really want is a dual analog delay in 5U with features that match the Moog MF104z and a separate stereo spring reverb module! WHY DON'T THESE EXIST?!?!?!

Sorry, I haven't eaten breakfast yet... eb.pdf
I dont want effects in my synth/modular.. so much better stuff for way less money as outboard or in a DAW.. and it takes up good space in a modular.!
I'd normally say that, as all my FX are outboard but Delay is some special sauce to have actually in your modular.

having a racked Demora below my case, gives me separate FX but also CV mod goodness.

Rockin' Banana!
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