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ES-8 noise/offset?
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Author ES-8 noise/offset?
While doing some patching I noticed some weird behavior in my ES-8.

It appears that my 8th output always has some noise/offset added to it.

So if I have no voltage being sent, the 8th output is a bit reddish/purple, but more importantly, if I send that output back to an input to take a look at it, I see it all wiggling/offset.

The ES-8 with nothing being sent out:

What it looks like in MaxMSP if I send a pure DC offset (notice channel3 looking normal/fine)

I'm on the 1.1.0 firmware already, but I reflashed it again just in case that was part of the problem and no change.

I've also looked back through some older photos of my setup and the noise/offset doesn't appear to be there. (for example in this video)

Any thoughts as to what could be happening?
Does it persist when the ES-8 is completely unconnected - USB & patch cables removed?
Looks like it.

I unplugged everything and power cycled it too.
Looks like it's developed a hardware fault then. Email me if you want to discuss a repair.
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