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Synthronics - Modern PSUs for classic vintage synths
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Author Synthronics - Modern PSUs for classic vintage synths
Just a heads up, Andrej from Synthronics is releasing a bunch of custom replacement PSUs for classic vintage synthesizers and I have to say I'm impressed. Just installed my replacement Juno-6 PSU and on top of being smaller and lighter than the original it seems to have better groundings and isolation, as it's improved a ton of the high pitched noise and DCO leaking into the jacks board, so typical in the Juno-6 and 60. It's a switched solution but with linear regulators, with excellent measurements and low noise. It's also very nicely built, with isolators included and a lot of attention to detail, I highly recommend it.

Link to Juno-6/60 PSU:

Korg Mono/Poly PSU:

The best news is that more models are coming, with Jupiter-8 and Prophet VS PSUs dropping very soon. Andrej is also open to suggestions for what PSUs you'd prefer to see. You can contact him on Facebook directly here: for requirements, suggestions and orders (don't forget to mention autoy sent you).
Interesting information, thanks for sharing. Guinness ftw!
Prophet VS PSU now available!  /
Roland Jupiter-8 replacement PSU is ready: 66E3edaD9695AoyU5g_iVKpZuW1_UutQqMmNpEmB7oTcIZ0

No overheat
Efficiency around 75% = less heat inside the synthesizer
Noise free
Precise Over Voltage and Over Current Module that monitors possible fault conditions
Polysix PSU replacement now available, much more efficient and less heat:
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