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Midiverter - ongoing issues
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Author Midiverter - ongoing issues

Having constant issues with my Midiverter and hoping someone can offer advice.

Built from kit. Worked perfectly for 5 months.

Stopped working. Still receives/transmits midi gate. But no other CV works out of the module.

Sent to John for repair. Had the main SMT IC replaced.

At first could not get it to work after it was returned. Then I started sending on Midi channel 1 (instead of OMNI) from Ableton and it worked.

Stopped working again. Still sends gate, but no other CV. Changing midi channel makes no difference. Sending from midi keyboards makes no difference.

Am I doing something wrong?
try a new MIDI cable maybe???
Hey, let me ask a few questions to see if I can help out.

So... you power it on and the CV outputs don't work at all? Or they work for a bit and then stop working? If it never works then the SMT is working (Yes, I realise this sounds a bit weird. But the SMT chip is checked on start up and if it is not working the unit will not power on... you'll never get the LED to turn off on power up - they'll turn on and stay on).

If the gate on/off works (as in, it follows the key presses from your midi controller) then the unit is receiving MIDI. Make sure that you are checking the Gate output though. The Clock, reset and sequencer gate outputs will all work regardless of what MIDI channel the unit is set to. The Gate output will only work if you are set to the correct channel.

This only leaves the output buffers... but they are two separate chips. If Note CV and Velocity CV OR CC and Pitch Bend didn't work then it could be one of these chips. But if all four don't work, then it doesn't sound like this is the problem.

So.... we are back where we started...

What you should do is check:
- That the Gate 0/5V definitely follows a MIDI keyboard input.
- Check that all 4 of the CV outputs to make sure that it is definitely none of them that are working.
- Power the unit on and off about 20 times (slowly) and check that both of the LEDs flash everytime.
- Lick the tip of you finger and press it on the leads coming out of R25 and R25 (on the side to goes to the big beetle) and then see if the CV works (yes - seriously).

And, let me know:
- If you can solder
- If you have a multi-meter and/or DSO or CRO

Try the different MIDI cable first eek!
thanks nathan, will try your suggestions and report back.
different cable was the first thing i tried!!!
I don't know if this is related to your problem but...

Had a module that had two inputs stop working. The two jacks were showing a dead short but I could not see a problem visually. I replaced both jacks and everything worked fine.

I examined both bad jacks under a stereo microscope to try and determine the fault. One jack mysteriously started working fine. The other had a very tiny fine wire shorting out the input lug and common ring. I suspect it was something like a bit of steel wool and blew into the module from somewhere. I managed to blow it off.

Moral of the story, get a can of compressed air and blow off your module if you have troubles.

This is a rare example but you never know what's drifting in the wind!
OK gate out works: 0 - 5V
Both LEDs light up every time I power on (tried about 10 times).
Note CV outputs a very slight offset (about 10mV, but it does not react to midi key press.
Pitchbend outputs a massive offset (about 5V) but does not react to pitch bend data.
Velocity outputs very slight offset, not related to key press.
CC outputs very slight offset, not related to key press.
Tried a different cable again!

Sorry but i don't understand your instructions on the licking my finger bit.
Do you mean R24 and R25? Is the 'big beetle' U5?

Checked and re-flowed a few solder joints. No difference.

Thanks for Help!
(And great suggestion on the possibility of jacks being shorted out)

Sounds messed up. Do you live in Australia by any chance?

If you do, send it to me and I'll fix it for you. I'm n in Sydney.
Big thanks to Nathan:tu:

The problem seems to be solved.
I've been using the module a lot since he returned it and all is good!

Nathan has done a small modification.
We think the module may have been stuffing up from being very close to a large power supply. Maybe...

Thanks again Nathan and John for sorting this out with minimal hassle.

- Kevin
Glad to hear you got it sorted applause
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