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new multiples idea, 4x5x5x4?
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Author new multiples idea, 4x5x5x4?
After seeing that multiples thread and all that fun discussion, it got me thinking....

i had this idea for a super dense multiples module, all switched, it's like 4x5x5x4. the 5x5 sections are vertical, and the 4x4 sections are in the typical square layout. I photoshopped a few together...not sure where the "middle" switched jack should really be, thinking either centered or top/bottom. Essentially it would all be connected together and you could use it as a huge single multiple, or any combination of the switched jacks to break it apart into the 4x5x5x4 sections.

Does anyone else like this idea? Am I crazy for trying to stick a-bajillion jacks on one tiny module? I sort of was surprised no one's done this already, I feel like I'm always thinking about density and stuff like that...but I know i'm not the only one!

the only place i've ever seen something similar is the first page of this megaohm PDF here, but this doesn't provide much detail, and the jacks aren't switched from the looks of it:

I'd almost like to replace all my multiples with something like this. I have the half-height M590CP from moon which sort of inspired this idea.

I am kinda curious if there's any other interest? Maybe we could do some kind of batch order of panels? Figured i'd see what people thought first.
This is pretty close to the MOTM multiple, but has two more jacks.
If the jacks will fit, which they likely will, it should work fine. thumbs up Personally I prefer to have a toggle switch to combine/disconnect sections because the jack acting as a switch seems like a waste half the time? hmmm..... hihi

If you want even greater density, consider that 3 jacks will fit across the width of a 1 MU panel. SSL has a couple 1 MU modules with 24 jacks on them:

And Dave Peck has suggested even greater density by squeezing in more rows, up to 10! eek! SlayerBadger! I don't know if he ever made one though.

Dave Peck wrote:
... the one major function that a 2600 has which is missing from my idea above is a ring modulator. So I could stick a Ring Mod PCB from a dotcom RM module behind a custom multiples panel.

I have noticed that when I use a multiple, it's almost always as a 1-in-2-out, and sometimes as a 1-in-4-out, but rarely as a 1-in-3-out as is often found in various stock Multiples modules. So I could whip up a custom hi-density multiples module that has five 1-to-2 sections and a couple of 1-to-5 sections, with the ring mod in & out jacks at the bottom:

JohnLRice wrote:
... Personally I prefer to have a toggle switch to combine/disconnect sections because the jack acting as a switch seems like a waste half the time? hmmm..... hihi ...]

I agree. I designed my Multipass as a sort of dual version of the Dotcom Multiple. It's excellently effective especially for turning patches on and off. For example if you had an LFO driving a patch you can plug it into one of the top 4 jacks then have the outputs come from the next 4 jacks below.

That way you can introduce / cut off the LFO by flipping the switch. This will of course work if you you half-way pull out your source signal from any Multiple. It's just the switch makes it so nice and elegant.

JohnLRice wrote:
....because the jack acting as a switch seems like a waste half the time? hmmm..... hihi

I agree that half the time it is a waste to have switches. I rarely use more than three "copies" of something, so for me having four sets of four jacks is preferable to three sets plus switches.
Rex Coil 7
seriously, i just don't get it

OK so now i am thinking new idea...

going 3 columns is probably a little ridiculous, but maybe worth a try.

What if instead of that, there's 3 switches in the middle, to connect or disconnect the sections?
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