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Multi ( Linking ) Envelopes !!COMPLETE!!
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Author Multi ( Linking ) Envelopes !!COMPLETE!!
I've searched but tested but can't find a way to combine env3lopes in series
1st Stage A Slow Decay ( DAMK2 VCA A ) EOD to
2nd Stage a Slow Attack ( DAMK2 VCA B ) EOD to

Then i don't know how to continue
I Have as
Make Noise - Contour / Maths / XXXCoast
The Harvestman - Double Andore MK2 / King Slender Kermit

Example ( Of what i would like to continue )
3rd Stage Slow Decay combined with a tremolo like rate rising Saw LFO
( Maths CH 1-4 ) CH4 EOC to Cycle
CH1 EOR to

4th stage Slow Attack ( Contour )

How / Where do i combine these envelopes ?
Is it possible or only Modules like Control Forge - DAMK1 - ZADAR - Stages Can Accomplish this???
I have Intellijel Hubs for multiplying
Yes, most of those modules mentioned can handle such a task.
Dopefer A-143-2 is an amazing module for this task specifically.

For the Double Andore mk II, make sure EOA/EOD OUT for both channels are in Red mode.

The issue (if any) might be the width of DAmk2's trigger outputs might not be long enough to be detected by other modules.
To see if this is the case, patch DAmk2's ch B EOD OUT into King Slender before patching King Slender's output to the 3rd stage envelope you want to trigger. Lengthen King Slender's Decay until the 3rd stage envelope is triggered.
Dave Peck
There's also the Encore Electronics Universal Event Generator module, which can act as an eight-stage envelope, and the sustain 'loop' portion is selectable. So for example it can have a three segment attack and a two-segment rise/fall loop while the gate is sustaining, followed by a three segment release, or it can have a simple attack and simple release but with a complex six-segment looping LFO during the gate sustain. It also has selectable log/lin shape response and can act as a simple eight step sequencer or a multi-segment LFO with anywhere from two to eight segments.
The Grump
Erogenous Tones RADAR.
Something a bit different:

Go to 3:00 for the interesting stuff.
Got It
It Took a While to get it through my head very frustrating
Love this stuff
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