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Pedal chain help
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Author Pedal chain help
*Greetings all

I was wondering if anyone has solid advice or direction on how to maximize effects when running 3 pedals and a keyboard together? I want to run a Casio CZ-5000 through Avalanche Run, Afterneath and Transmisser to get some spaced out ambient. Are there any routing combinations that can have the Casio run through all 3 pedals then back into mixer or do I need to use mixer aux in combination?

Thank you for any help and suggestions.
My understanding of your question, you are mixing the output of the synth and pedals simultaneously in both serial and parallel. If this is correct, I would advocate for not using the FX send(s) on your mixer and instead route the output of your sources into separate channels as it allows for much greater control and flexibility, particularly since you are going for complex pads.

Its also cromulent to use a VC mixer from modular land or a purely digital equivalent instead of a "normal" mixing board. The Seguencer from SSL/Doug Slocoum can be especially useful in this role, or at least I've used it for applications like this.
If possible I send the signal via bus channels instead of aux channels because they're ALWAYS better quality. Then reroute back into the mixer for eq-ing and leveling as mentioned above. Watch your channel assignments for feedback!!!
I always experiment by switching the order of pedals, breaking the rules sometimes, testing serial vs parallel or a combo of both.
Of course, the solution I have involves More Gear. (Well, at least a couple suggestions.) I have a supplemental ‘Synth-Ambience’ pedalboard, and I use a BoredBrain Patchulator to combine things in any order; great for mixing things up (fuzz AFTER reverb, for instance); and you can change configurations remarkably quick, just to see. But that’s still in series... On my (very underutilized) bass gtr pedalboard, I’m getting an EHX Tri Parallel, to run three loops (or pedals; whatever) in EITHER series OR parallel, and still be ableto mix in dry signal as well. Should come out cool...

But the easiest (for me) advice is the simplest: Direct-connect pedals, and then go into the mixer “wet-effects” style. I was brought up on old 4-track machines, so I’m very used to “printing with effects”. After all, the sound you’re recording is the sound you want; no need to change it later. A little impulsive, or arbitrary, I suppose; but even nowadays with my DAW, I still often do the ‘transform to audio with effects’ commands to my tracks. Keeps me from endlessly modifying my own stuff, and allows me to move on.
What hippo1 said. 100%. I tried using effects loops with my synths and ending up wasting a lot of time and money trying to make it work.

My original idea was to try and use one delay and one reverb pedal for multiple synths via an effects loop. Little did I know that would end up a garbled mess of 3 barbed/delayed synths all mixed together. So you lose all your ability to mix each synth separately.

If anyone ever creates a single pedal that can somehow mic delay/reverb for a couple synths...its a million dollar idea. Because I hate having to have multiple pedals for each synth I’m using, even when they have internal effects (which seem to always be hard to change on the fly).
You can use the Boredbrain Transmutron to buffer/split and run two effects chains in parallel then recombine them. The split can be done by frequency (crossover), volume balance (crossfader), or with parallel resonant filtering. Your third effect could be placed after the pedal, or in one of the chains.
I like aux sends to each effect and then returning to a channel most of the time, which allows for putting the effects back into each other.
Severed head
plug that shit directly into the pedals.

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