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Orgone + Radio Music + Grilles + Seq + Old BB
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Author Orgone + Radio Music + Grilles + Seq + Old BB
Sharing my quick vid with bug lovers.

The system is amazing and feels like "timeless" - since a few years I have no need in any other modular tools.
Very cool. Thnx for sharing!
I could listen to it way longer thumbs up
the most interesting part is behind the curtains as always... it was a problem with the video recorder, so cropped... but I like Orgone sound so much (it plays here the main sequence ) so decided to share this small piece.

If Tresses has such a variety and deep control of sound, I think I'll love it and maybe need to get one at some point.
Great, great patch.
Tajnost wrote:
If Tresses has such a variety and deep control of sound, I think I'll love it and maybe need to get one at some point.

I made both for the BugBrand system because they are so different.

On the Orgone you select a waveform on each oscillator and affect it, on Tresses (Braids) you work with synthesis models. See here*** (bowed string, pluck, additive, phase-modulation, vowel, digital, analog simulation, wavetable etc) and can scuplt the sound so to say.

What makes the Orgone unique is the scan between the 3 oscillators (each with 16 waveforms), the modulation oscillator (with 16 waveforms) affecting the other 3 and all the external control you have over all parameters. And the drum mode which I love SlayerBadger!

What makes Tresses unique (I should say Braids) is the possibility to shape each sound and the huge range on tones it allows to create. The different synths models you have in one module.
I think this article here explains it well.

To resume you can control 2 parameters of your sound via pot or CV (different parameters depending which model is chosen, like waveshaping, timbre, phasing, detuning, feedback, filtering, morphing, harmonics amount etc).
There's a VCA implemented.
FM (pot/CV) but also internally you have AD, quantizer, BIT selection…
There’s also a function (META) which allows to CV-control the model selection (with a sequence for instance).
If Bees in the Trees alt. firmware is installed, then other functions are added, its goes very very deep (more menu diving) and the internal modulation possibilities are huge. Though encoder (click to enter, rotate to select, click to select, click to exit, rotate etc) and LED displays are not really the best to go so deep IMHO.

Braids manual shows all the possibiities. 

The alternative firmware I recommend now is called Renaissance:

***models from earlier firmware version present in this document or the official Mutable manual might differe from the latest firmware version I have on Tresses.
Thank for detailed info, Robert.

Yes, now I'm sure it will be nice to have it, but not now - at the moment I have no free space and don't want / can't start with another row... another case... etc...

I guess I'm getting new Divisions + Logic modules to fit last 2 empty slots. Happy, since it will make things even more alive in my system.

I plan to add another row later, maybe next year. My hopes that Tom will come out with updated SEQ1 or something similar, maybe you will make new designs by this time also. But Tresses will find it's place for sure, very nice sound source!
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