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bugbrand DJ
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Author bugbrand DJ
this may sound daft, and lawd knows i've bugged enough ppl about it already, but here goes:

can i DJ with a bugbrand system? i was wondering if i had two radio modules from scrotum lab, and i had a dual mixer, and i loaded up songs/samples in my SD cards ... could i "DJ" in the traditional sense?

if so, this would replace quite a bit of gear for me ... not to mention, the bugzzz would take over one of my long standing dreams: the modular as the ultimate end-all be-all weapon of choice

but am i mistaken? are the radio modules too skippy/erratic/glitchy to DJ with? any other way to DJ with bugzzz? or with the modular in general?
rico loverde
well you could def play a song on each Radio music and use the mixer to mix between them but it would be incredibly hard to match beats. If its ambient or you dont care about beat matching in any way I guess it would be fine. Having the songs all at the same tempo would help as well but even that would still be hard IMO to do clean beat matched mixes.
Depends what you mean by dj.
Samples are mono, so there’s that. You can’t skip to a particular point in a track very easily unless you become very skilled with the pitch control but you def can’t go backwards or pause so if you miss a cue point you’re starting again. Bpm/Beatmatching.... same deal.
no i don't need to beatmatch... i think

this mono thingy is messing it up though... hmmm

any way to get stereo samples through radio music + stereo mixer + matrix mixer or some such?

or is this besides the point, and i am wasting my time pursuing such an idea?
Mono and 12-bit... not bad for playing samples or dubbing out some recordings, but not exactly hi-fi. Also I'm pretty sure all RadioMusic modules have a little clock noise present when playing back the samples (something I usually only notice with headphones, but still)
You could though... get some other playback devices and use Tom's new stereo (dual mono) preamp. Then you also have the benefit of sending everything through bugbrand modules. That would be an interesting DJ setup...
ohhh snappp - if i got two of those preamps, could i do double stereo?

i was thankin of feeding the bugzzz with a dj mixer, like a xone or a rane or somesuch...

actually i was thinking of the dj mixer as the final step in the chain, but maybe having da bugzzz as the final weapon aint such a bad idea...
I don't know how you could dj in a traditional sense with bugs but when I first got the SComp I stuck it in the fx loop of a dj mixer and was blown away by what I could do with it to records. The dual filters really let you pick apart a track and dig into specific frequency ranges/parts.


where is this fadex panel from, soup?

Stroh makes quality stuff.
syncretism wrote:
Stroh makes quality stuff.

I'll cosine that, I'm a big fan of j3rk's designs for diy. But a word of warning ... the fadex+ or any other designs with multiple pcb's are not going to easily fit in a bug frame.

My panel (which is just the fadex pcb not the vco) was something I had laser cut at my local laser spot.
odditymedium wrote:
i was wondering if i had two radio modules from scrotum lab, and i had a dual mixer, and i loaded up songs/samples in my SD cards ... could i "DJ" in the traditional sense

Definitely not.
Except if your speciality as a dj is musique concrete, electroacoustic maybe, or want to make dj at a runzelstirn & gurgelstock party.

RM is meant to trig some samples when you can adjust pitch/speed via pot or CV (no pitch correction).
Or, instead of having the pitch function, you can adjust via pot or CV the starting point, but not both pitch and start point.
It has no stop or pause function. Either the sample stops when it ends, or loops if you set it to loop or you jump via pot or CV to another sample.

Like most modules used as audio sources in a bugbrand, serge, buchla modular system, RM has a mono output.

If you're going to deejay with digital files anyway, it makes more sense IMHO to take a tablet, a computer, a deejay controller etc etc with an app.
Not only for the visual control of what is playing, but all the functionality and ergonomy you need.

You could use a modular system on top of a dj set, if you sync both, but not as a "conventional" dj set alone.
Or else you'd need an advanced sample player like one I saw in Eurorack format (don't know the name, but it's like having a computer in your modular) and for the price, space it takes etc, I can't see it as a solution.
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