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Acidlab Miami
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Author Acidlab Miami
Anybody still stand by this thing or is it irrelevant in a post- TR-08/TR8-S world?
I do!
Had one and now replaced with an OG TR-808.

It’s a great drum machine - overall very close to an 808 sound-wise, although some of the sounds are a little off tuning-wise. It’s less-refined and more raw than an 808.

In terms of features and flexibility of sequencing it’s far superior to the original.

Right now I’d personally wait for the RD-8.
Here's the main thread on the m1am1:

There is no arguing with the sound and the build is solid.

The let down for me was the sequencer. It is very basic, more of classic 909 sequencer than an 808. No A/B variation, No Fills or Auto-Fill, no instrument select knob.
Any feelings how this thing stacks up against TR-08, the various other contemporary reproductions/clones? Guess it's nice to have individual outs.
Yes, I have both, and the Miami wins in terms of sound, it goes deep, and the decay is much better on the Miami, the hats sounds like 808 hats. The (TR8) has some tricks, like other drum emulations, the 707 is a favorite of mine, but I dont think Roland hit it completely soundwise. I think it would be wise to wait for the Behringer, it seems very cool and the built in FX are really handy
SO, Mehringer got close but no cigar. Hilarity ensued at the Gearlsudge thread when it was pointed out that the RD-8 doesn't really do the 808 thing.
Red Electric Rainbow
i’ve had two of them through the years and never seemed to agree with them. i have the boutique tr-08 and have gotten more mileage out of it but thats just me.
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