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Le Seq X
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Author Le Seq X
A few months ago when I made the expander circuit I wanted to add to Le Seq rev 2.0, I was convinced having A or B gate outs would be the best option to add to the single gate outs, as I'd have some room free on the 1FW expander panel. I wanted for instance the ability to reset via switch Le Seq.
So I did choose this option instead of having only 1 main output and a switch per step allowing for instance gated or full output instead of A or B full.

Since then I had a break for a couple of weeks and also I played a few times with the new gate sequencer panel I did for the Serge system and today I’m not sure it was the best choice having 2 out (A or B full), instead of 1 x out (MAIN OUT) gated or full. Well... Can’t have it all I guess...

Still. I’m quite happy to get the sequencer functionality of Le Seq rev2.0 now expanded:


Small number on front panel: the manufacture in China simply ignored my wish of not having any proto number printed on the surface.
Nice batchas, very nice.
If anyone with a Le Seq rev1.0 wants a gate Xpander made for rev2.0, just send me a PM. There's a possibility to replace the top board on rev1.0 with rev2.0.
SlayerBadger! yas black X please Rockin' Banana!
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