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Are Lexicon PCM70’s and 80’s easy to repair?
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Author Are Lexicon PCM70’s and 80’s easy to repair?
Gringo Starr
I’ve done some research on this and I haven’t quite found an answer. I’m thinking about buying one of these units. They’re not expensive but I just want to make sure since they are old that they can be fixed if something goes wrong.

Are there any likely scenarios that a specific part goes bad and the unit is non-repairable?
Meant for the music tech / diy thread?
Please send this to whatever thread is appropriate, but my experience with with a vintage PCM70 was that I bought one maybe five five or six years ago, it was an interesting piece in my studio and worked perfectly until I made room in the racks for other units, sold it on Reverb after a year of not using it, and the buyer, in a professional studio with qualified techs, could not get it to pass audio. I took it back, refunded the buyer, I also couldn't get it to pass audio again, and it went to the electronics recycling place.
Gringo Starr
construct09 wrote:
Meant for the music tech / diy thread?

I was going to post it there but it looks like that forum’s dedicated to DIY. I guess that probably was the right forum.

@SLOW that sucks that you lost out on the PCM 70. There’s only one place in the United States that are supposedly reputable for fixing old lexicons. Beamish Audio in Ohio. I just contacted them.
I had a PCM80 that had to have a new PSU - I can't remember the details but it became intermittent and searching turned up an easy replacement unit (it was a universal caged unit) - quick & simple.
Just me
If my PCM42 dies, I'll be devastated. No you can't touch it. Not even look at it!
I haven't researched it, but noticed the encoder on the PCM 70 might be hard to come by. ???
Just grabbed a PCM 70, and love it, but also worried about it's longevity.
Mine seems to be healthy but a replacement "glass" for the display would be nice. No idea where to find that.
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