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If you see spam on the forum....
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Author If you see spam on the forum....
Muff Wiggler
hey i've been insanely busy the last few weeks and not around the forum, i owe tons of you guys PM replies and the like, will catch up over the next few days/by the end of the weekend

but I have noticed in the last week an increase in spammer activity - obviously as the forum gets more popular this will increase. The 'defenses' we have are pretty damn good, but as you guys have seen one or two have crept in....

So a small request for you guys, since 1) I don't have a lot of time these days and 2) the forum is getting so active I can't keep up with every thread anyway!

so, a small request....

If a spam thread appears, PLEASE simply keep bumping it by making replies to the thread. Make fun of the spammer, post stupid pictures, take bets about how long it will take me to kill the thread....whatever... just keep bumping it so it stays in the "12 most recent topics" list. This is the most sure way for me to catch it. I have a quick look at the forum a few times per day, but often just for a minute or two as I'm so busy. I often cannot go into the subforums to see all that is new, but I DO always have a quick look at the '12 recent topics' on the main page. If the spam is there, I'll kill it.

Of course, if you can send me a PM about the spam that would be cool as well, but no worries there.

And you guys with moderator status, if the spam is in one of 'your' subforums, please delete the thread - but PM me the name of the user account that posted it so I can delete the account as well.

thanks w00t

edit: You can also notify sandyb, as he also has full admin status here and can ban spambots
yes sir Cap'n Muff. all spambots will be terminated.

I always use the "view posts since last visit" link on this (and other) boards.
Muff Wiggler
ha! that's a damn good idea, never thought of it oops

just to add to this - if you do spot some spam and really don't want that cheap viagra ,PM me. i'm on the forum relatively regularly but may not spot something, especially if there are lots of new posts. i do however have my email open pretty much all the time so i'll see the PM and do something about it.
Muff Wiggler
thanks sandy! really appreciate it 8_)
Will do Sandy. I messaged Muff all over the place to let him know, but it's good to have another executioner to turn to!
Spam does not belong on Muff's forum or on sushi.

Either should be destroyed on sight. :gun:
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