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Digidelay Appreciation Thread
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Author Digidelay Appreciation Thread
I just got one of these second hand, and I'm pleased as punch with it. Anyone else got one? It feels like it ought to be a bit culty...

Apart from being a basic digital delay pedal for not much cash, it seems to have a load of vaguely quirky features that must have been pretty useless for the 90s bedroom guitarists that it was presumably targeted at, but which are actually kind-of great for knob-mashing noise weirdos. So far I've found that:

* The looper mode is good for weird short stuttery loops.
* In most modes, changing the delay time tries to avoid changing pitch, but actually produces glitches instead.
* The lowest delay times are good for basic Karplus-Strong resonation.
* Diming the repeats knob gives you endless feedback but cuts off the send level, so you can use any delay mode as a looper too. And then tweak the delay times again to glitch up your loops.
* The short delays, infinite feedback and glitchy pitch change things all work in modulated mode as well so you can turn it into a glitchy pitch-modulating oscillator.
* The grey metal box with high impact black printing looks industrial AF.

Any more fans out there?
Definitely. I had an EL Capistan years back and a friend gave me a Digidelay he didn't want. Sold the Strymon that week. I'm kind of tempted to start buying up the ones that sell under $40.
Thanks for the heads-up on this sleeper. That Reverse program sounds great. All of the rest is gravy. Sometimes you don't need a $295.00 boutique pedal to get the job done. I just scored one. Guinness ftw!
Here's a couple of nice little videos by Do Noise showcasing some fun tricks:

And here's someone demonstrating a "Dying Walrus" sound:
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