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Beginner's question about oscillator
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Author Beginner's question about oscillator
Listen to those oscillators and then decide wether you like them or not. I started with modular cause I wanted to get analoge oscillators and analog sound processors such as tubes etc. I personally dont like too much ditigal oscillators, but this is just my taste.
As an example listen to a analog Metasonix oscillator here:
The Grump
Branconnier wrote:
I have take a look to many video. It seems that DPO often come first in research. So, I am looking for a DPO or C-SL. Any other suggestions. Since, I'm a noob with modular, what would you recommend and why?

Many thanks

First, I would recommend something a LOT less complex than a DPO or Cs-L. Not to be patronizing, but in all honesty, those are a lot of oscillator for someone whose only knowledge of the difference between them is something someone told him on the interwebz.

Before you go dumping a bunch of cash on the newest hottest shit, why not check out VCV Rack, so you can see and HEAR for yourself how these things behave, and what the characteristics actually DO? It's free, it's easy to use, and while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a sound can easily defy all of them.

Yes, it's fun to explore as yet uncharted territory, but just bumbling around, helplessly trying to figure out why your new expensive thing won't stop sounding like shit, or not make any sound at all, because you didn't take the time and effort to learn the basics is a pretty sorry state to be in. So it's good you ask these things now before just jumping in and buying the hot topics.

Check out what you can do with a couple of Befaco Even VCO's in VCV Rack. Watching videos is cool, but actually exploring them yourself, for free, is what's up. And no, it's not the same experience as patching and tweaking knobs in meatspace, but it can be very informative, and answer a lot of questions. Reading manuals definitely helps, but nothing like playing with the things, even digital simulations of them.
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