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portable hordijk ... possible?
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Author portable hordijk ... possible?
is it possible to rearrange/reconfigure a standard hordijk system to fit in cabin baggage?

in these videos by pedro trotz: we can see a foldable case ... is this an older configuration? does it use two power cables? how is power handled within this folding case?

IMHO this is the one thing that is keeping the hordijk system from breaking out from bring a "studio-only" synth to total world domination...

(i've spent some time with rob, and am on the list for one of his standard systems, so i have some familiarity with the hordijk modular - so this question is not coming out of the blue. i'm asking here so as to not bug rob)
I would not recommend downsizing a Hordijk system.

I have a half case (for 2 panels) which is plywood not the new light material Rob is using for 5 or 6 years. It is a bit heavy, sure you can take it in the cabin but you will automatically miss some modules, especially a Matrix.
I had a OscSync/DualEnv/Twinpeak and TriLFO/Rungler/Blender panel and completely miss a Matrix.

Of course it all depends on the system you want. If you are using a Blippoo box and want some modules to expand it that could be good but as a small independant system, the standard size is the to-go way.

I made the mistake to try a (much) bigger case. 4 triple panels is the perfect size.

IMHO, mandatory modules are :
- OscSync
- Twinpeak
- TriLFO
- Rungler
- Matrix
- OscHRM
- DualEnv
- FrqShifter

The foldable case from the video was a prototype but Rob did not go for it because it was not not stable as you needed to hold the case everytime you wanted to patch a jack cable.

Also the standard system is very confortable to travel with. Sure you can not take it in the cabin but it is small and very playable.
thanks neo

btw your website is fantastic, thanks for all this info

i'd like to see a post on the node proc...

i will send you a PM, i think we might have friends in common...
You are welcome.

NodeProc and Matrix are almost done.

Last week I was at Rob's place and record some material for the new EnvF/Shaper. I will post all the info about it this weekend. There is also a new awesome jam from Rob w00t

Stay tuned Rockin' Banana!
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