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Purpose of each step of a step sequencer having a gate out?
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Author Purpose of each step of a step sequencer having a gate out?
There is a build of an arduino sequencer that is very popular, given that LMNC has featured a build guide on it. In it, it has each step of the sequencer having a gate out. I was wondering the purpose of each step of your sequencer having a gate out would serve.

Thanks in advance!
Michael O.
The most basic would be so that you can send the gate from a given step into a reset input on the sequencer (assuming it has one) to limit the number of steps it cycles through (I.e. using step 5’s output to reset back to one immediately after 4 instead of it going through 8/16/however many steps). But with modular sky’s the limit; you could use them to trigger other things, combine them with a unity mixer to make a sort of basic step sequencer, etc.
Many sequencers can be set so that the user can manually select a particular stage. Providing a gate out at each stage in this case means you dont need to patch something together that would create a gate in parallel with the CV output or try to time a manual gate pulse.
each gate out is a specific place in time. you can make a dedicated trigger to connect to any input on your modular. this what makes modular great. you can also send gate outs to rotate or skip inputs on the same or on other sequencers. think trigger riot, RCD, SCM. you can connect gate outs to sequential switch control lines. you can combine two gate outs with an OR combiner. you can send it to maths for different rise and fall times different lin exp shapes and then send that to something else. you can FM your clock that drives the sequencer. you can have 3 different percusion sounds triggered on steps 2, 5, 8 or something arbitrary. you can add a gate delay to get all the in between timings. you can use it to gate a ratchet. I could go on. you really need to think what can't I do with it.
In simple instances I use mainly for triggering envelopes to shape the contour of a voice. But yeah there's a lot of other things I could be using to make things more interesting.
Putting the gates through a mixer gives you an extra row of CV.
Here's a very simple example of combining several gate outputs with a logic OR processor to make a sequence more interesting.
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