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Is This Old Synth San Jose still around?
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Author Is This Old Synth San Jose still around?
I've been trying to contact Chris at this old synth by email the last few weeks but haven't gotten a response. Does anyone know if he still does synth repair? He's helped med out a few times in the past and did an excellent job. Such a professional. If anyone knows if he's still doing synth repair that would be awesome. Otherwise does anyone know of anyone around the bay area that would look at a Juno 60?
I just heard back from Chris and he mentioned he is very limited in his scope of what synths he is repairing these days and a Juno 60 is not on the list. So as an alternative, I need to find someone who can help me out with sorting out a noisy chorus / VCA beating on my Juno 60. I think the fix could be pretty easy but from what I understand it will require soldering which I am not proficient at.

If anyone has any good suggestions of people who would be willing to look at my Juno 60 in the bay area, preferably the east bay, please let me know!
I remember contacting him about my polivoks and got the same response. If you find someone local, it would be great to let us know.
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