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Korg Volca Drums audio out into Maths
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Author Korg Volca Drums audio out into Maths

Can I go from the Korg Volca Drums audio out directly into the inputs 1 or 2 of Maths ( see pic ) ?
If so, should I use a TR or TRS cable ?


Maths has mono jack input so TR is enough, TRS wont make a difference. I guess the Volca has line level output so I think you need external input.
I was wondering if I could process the audio output of the Volca with/through the Maths.
What do you mean with "external input" ?
Those are attenuators so there is no gain. You will want to gain the Volca if you are processing in your modular
drikbreit wrote:
I was wondering if I could process the audio output of the Volca with/through the Maths.
What do you mean with "external input" ?

A specialized preamp module for external input.

Modular audio is about the hottest kind of audio signal you'll encounter in making music; the voltage ranges are something like 5-10x of those of line-level audio. In order to work properly with the Volca's line-level output you'll want to boost it to modular levels so the Volca and your modular's VCOs are on a level playing field. That boosting task is what the external input module is for.

(Well, or you attenuate everything within the modular down to line level, but boosting one single Volca seems more practical than attenuating a dozen VCOs.)

Edit: Note that, despite being Eurorack, those things typically don't have 3.5mm jack inputs. Just because Eurorack uses 3.5mm jack within the rack doesn't mean that the module makers expect line-level input to come from 3.5mm jack... You can use a bog-standard 3.5-to-6.35 TRS jack adapter though.
Hi all,
Thanks for your answers and patience.

So you're talking about a module like this ?

or this

You have any other module propositions ?
What is your goal here? Yes, you will need something like the A-119 to bring the audio into your modular, although you could probably get away with other VCAs that add enough gain to the signal.

I'm assuming you want to vary the audio of the Volca with control voltages from Maths, in which you'll need a vca or filter to apply said CVs to. Through a VCA this just sound like changes in volume over time based on the function you generate with Maths. Ditto with a filter, but with cutoff and resonance changing over time. Is this what you are trying to achieve?
I have to admit I don't have a masterplan or precise destination in mind,
I try to do something and go from there.
The endless ins and outs are fascinating.
Initially I was worried about 'breaking' hardware but I came to understand that won't happen. As someone on this forum said: "The worst that can happen is 'nothing' ".

So Doepfer a-119 would solve my current issue.

Would the Mutable Instruments Veils solve it too ?
That one seems a bit more versatile.

I think Veils has something like 20db of gain so it should work fine. The A-119 doesn't have the best audio quality but the gate out and envelope follower are useful. With Veils you also get 4x VCAs and you can never have enough of those.
I have a Pico Input which I love for being [1] small [2] flexible (1 x stereo, 2 x mono, duplicated mono) [3] cheap [4] really gnarly sounding when you overdrive it
I see that you have to configure the levels of the Pico Input via jumpers.
How's that working for you ? Not very flexible if you want to change those( take out module etc. )
To what value do you have it set ?
The jumper seems to be set-and-forget as long as you plan to stick to one external source (the Volca in your case). I'd expect the 20dB setting to be best for line level and thus for your Volca, with the 40dB intended for the even lower levels of microphones or guitar pickups, but try out for yourself.
double post, please delete
Jason Brock
drikbreit wrote:
I was wondering if I could process the audio output of the Volca with/through the Maths.

Ch. 1 or 4 is what you want, not 2 or 3.
Any audio signal can be plugged into the upper corner jacks (the ones with the arrows).

I do this all the time with line-level audio directly from my Mackie mixer in order to get an envelope follower signal out of Maths. Check out page 20 of the manual for the patch details.

It's true that a stronger signal will work much better, but you may find your Volca's output is loud enough to get some results. It won't hurt to try. If you need a boost, any preamp will work. You don't need a specific Eurorack module to boost the signal, though it is convenient to have in the rack. Doepfer A-119 or Mutable Instruments Ears are great choices...and both happen to be Envelope Follower circuits too.
I use Ladik A-520 modules for Line level to Modular level conversions.
I bought this one and it works great:
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