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Duo-Bop Dual Analog Drum Module
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Author Duo-Bop Dual Analog Drum Module
Lower West Side Studio is pleased to announce the release of our Duo-Bop Analog Drum module. w00t

The Duo-Bop takes two Barton BMC018 Analog Drum modules and combines them in a single width panel. The B channel Input and CV are normalized to the A channel providing two beats on a single gate.

This allows the Duo-Bop to easily layer two drum sounds for thicker more complex percussive tones.

Check out the Duo-Bop at Lower West Side Studio

Putting two of these in one module normalled together was a great idea. Awesome video too
Thanks Ranix!

The idea first came as a space-saving idea. Many vendors, Lower West Side Studio included are 'shrinking' their modules to save space, combine features or both. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. That's a topic for another thread.

I liked the idea of having a pair of Analog Drum modules in a single space for my portable.

Normalizing the A channel inputs was almost a no-brainer but the layering ramifications didn't dawn on me until I plugged each output into a Multimix and started playing around. The sounds were very excellent. Then came the idea of running one of the channels into an effect before mixing it . And so on... Mr. Green
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