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Clock pulses vs triggers question
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Author Clock pulses vs triggers question

I was thinking about using clock dividers and multipliers and mixing their outputs to create interesting rhythms, but then I remembered that clocks are pulses, presumably with a 50% duty cycle, so mixing several clocks would have a great "risk" of having overlapping pulses…
I read that (some?) clock multipliers output triggers rather than pulses, which should reduce the risk of overlapping, but how do I handle clock dividers - can I convert their pulses into triggers somehow so they can be more easily "mixed" with other triggers?
Perhaps dividing the original clock by 64 then multiplying by 4 would lead to 16th note triggers (at least if the original clocki is 4 ppqn) instead of pulses, or is their an easier way?
Also, also am I right that clock inputs react to rising edges which means they will respond to triggers just as well? Or do clock inputs expect a certain duty cycle of the incoming pulses/triggers?
Thanks in advance for any help.
There's no specific duty cycle to clocks.

There are gate-to-trigger modules out there. Most of the time you should be able to use a fast AD envelope for that.

Most clock inputs generally react to a rising edge threshold (e.g. they can handle an envelope, a sine, triangle, saw etc.). There may be some exceptions.

In Eurorack you might check out Logica Gater, which can handle combining gates/triggers in interesting ways. Or Monome Teletype if you don't mind writing some script code to have it do whatever you want.
Like starthief says, envelopes will do it, but it's probably more economical to invest in a module that avoids the issue in the first place. If you're planning mixing gates you'll end up hogging an envelope for each.

The 4MS RCD can switch from gates to triggers with a jumper, or the expander module. Or something like Pam's with an adjustable duty cycle. No doubt there are more, but those are what I use. (Except if it's something else that outputs a gate - then I use an envelope to convert it Dead Banana )

Edit: Totally assuming you're in Euro. MY ASS IS BLEEDING
You can set each of Tempi’s six channels to be either a 50% duty cycle or a 10ms trigger pulse, and I believe but have not experimentally confirmed that these settings are per-STATE, not global.
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