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Dot Com Power Cable
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Author Dot Com Power Cable
Anyone know where I can buy a Dot Com power cable here in the US? Synth-Werk didn't supply one with their module and said "We do not supply power components for Power Supplies from other manufacturers".

So I'm kind-of at a loss here. Gerhard said he would sell me one but I'd prefer not to have to wait for one to be shipped from Europe.

very frustrating
Be Sandy?
It looks like STG still sells them.

and while he doesn't advertise them Phil at Megaohm Audio can make you a power cable:

What sort of distribution board do you have REcDeso12oi?
Thanks so much for your replies. actually got back to me and I think are going to make me a cable. Its actually for a CoTK Power board, so I understand where they're coming from about being cautious.

I'm actually just now trouble shooting the Reverb from this other thread...

So we'll see what happens.

Ahh, seeing that thread it's all coming back! hihi

Who ever makes the cable for you be sure to remind them that COTK distribution boards have pin outs opposite of what is on their modules! I'd also recommend they use a 9 pin MTA-100 connector instead of a 6 pin one on the distribution board end of the cable so that there is less chance of plugging it in wrong. More details here:
but here's the picture:
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