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Steve Roach, Live in LA (Aug 30, 2019) + Noisebug Moog event
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Author Steve Roach, Live in LA (Aug 30, 2019) + Noisebug Moog event
(Hope no one minds me partially cross-posting from the Artist forum... I figure this will be particularly appealing to a number of folks here, and sorry for not posting it sooner...)

Steve Roach is playing live this Friday night (August 30) in Pasadena. Details at

I have it on good authority that the dotcom system will be there! Ditto for TTSH & some euro. Not to mention all the non-modular stuff...
Dreamtime Return will be part of the performance, plus loads more. If you've ever seen Steve live, you know what to expect. If you've never seen him live, you're in for a serious treat!

On Saturday Steve will be doing a meet & greet at Noisebug in Pomona from 1-5pm, including "a collective exploration" of the Moog IIIP. Who knows what that'll end up being, but if you wanna meet Steve and/or a Moog IIIP, sounds like a good opportunity!

Plus the new album, Bloom Ascension, will be available at the concert, which prominently features his Dotcom system.

Should be an amazing night.... Hope I'll see some of you there!
we're not worthy

Just friggin GO!
Wanted to make this show so badly. I had already crammed so many trips into this month it just didn't make sense, but now that the weekend is here, I has regretz. waah
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