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Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse + Prophet VS + Eurorack Modular
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Author Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse + Prophet VS + Eurorack Modular
Been experimenting a lot with using Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse in a live improvised performance setting. Currently we're using a Prophet VS, 9U of Eurorack Modular, and a 4ms Pod with a Spherical Wave Table Navigator.

Music Mouse was created in 1986 by Laurie Spiegel for Atari ST, Macintosh, and Amiga computers. We settled on the Atari ST version to avoid timing issues with emulators - we use the Lotharek FPGA MIST to run Atari ST accurately. Laurie provides the Music Mouse free of charge online now.

The Prophet VS of course takes MIDI, for the modular we're using a Roland MPU-101. Since the Music Mouse outputs 4 voices, we go into the Spherical Wavetable Navigator which can take up to 6 1v/oct inputs. We also dupe the last voice into a Roland 512 oscillator at 32' to get a bass voice.

We've been excited about what the Music Mouse offers over "typical" sequencers. The Music Mouse has real transposition, muting of voices, and several voicing modes including Chord, Arpeggio, Line, and the exceptionally cool Improvise.

You can have two different tempos. You can setup transposition to work on specific internals not just one semitone at a time.

Technically there are only 10 different patterns, but due to voicing arrangements, choice of scale, muting, grouping, and of course all the parameters of your synth, modular or not, we've found that hardly any performance sounds the same and you can make everything from beautiful ambient moments all the way to noisy chaos!
Cool, Music Mouse is still alive... !

Years ago I used Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse for several tracks.
Later I had the chance that Laurie Spiegel was participating in two of my projects - Ooppera (seven contemporary operas, 2004) and Enhanced Gravity (multimedia mixed CD, 1999), both on Yucca Tree Records.

As time goes by...

Cool! Music Mouse is a lot of fun.

The Interactive Phrase Synthesizer in Cubase for Atari is worth a look too

Couldn’t catch it, they are using an fpga to emulate the Atari?
I love when a VS still has that little sticker on it. A bit like grandma keeping the plastic on her sofa, except it's changed hands who knows how many times over 35 years and everyone was too lazy to do it. cool
diodennis wrote:

Couldn’t catch it, they are using an fpga to emulate the Atari?

Yep, using this:
Lotharek is awesome and you should buy his stuff. He's built me a few components for my Atari. I got my SD card hard drive from him, and a MiST too.

Make sure to get the version of MiST with hardware MIDI since it doesn't have a card slot or a Centronics port for MIDI expanders. I hear you can use the serial port for a second MIDI controller but have not tried.
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