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SRE330 SREIO jack spacing
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Author SRE330 SREIO jack spacing
What's the jack spacing on the SRE330 SREIO? I built my own power supply solution for my SRE330, and for now will just use separate jacks, but I want the option in the future to use the SREIO.

BTW I took a chance on doing the front panel myself and it actually came out OK. What I did was take the template and print it out onto two pages of full-page Avery label, cut and placed them carefully on the front, then used them as a template for drilling. Only two holes needed tweaking, which is pretty good for me. Not sure how I'll label it - maybe make it look retro with Dymo labels.
Looking from the front of the rack the sockets fitted to the rear of the rack running from left to right are:

In-L (1.6") In-R (2") Out-L (1.6") Out-R

Thank you!
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