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ATN8 hot as balls
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Author ATN8 hot as balls
Does the ATN8 normally produce a lot of heat? Mine is mostly working (one channel is distorted) but this little thing gets HOT HOT HOT. I noticed it does pull a lot of power, so maybe normal for that many op amps to heat up.

Anybody else notice this?
Dead Banana This is fun!
Haven't built mine yet, so can't confirm it runs hot, too, but sounds to me like yours might have a short somewhere.
I finished mine this weekend, it is a presoldered smd kit by pusherman.
I have an issue with channel number 3 that I'm trying to troubleshoot. It does not distort but the output voltage only goes up to +8.8v, but down to -10v as expected. Also the led on channel 3 flips from green to bright red once I go past 1.1v output voltage but it goes from brigt red to dark (-10v to 0v) just fine.
It gets fairly warm, I measured ~50°C for each of the ICs (came with LME49743) which should be fine.
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