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Bananalogue Frac modules?
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Author Bananalogue Frac modules?
Hi guys, I was thinking about making another run of modules in Frac, but wanted to ask around first to see if there was even interest in me doing that? is Frac dead, or just resting?

i would be making the LPFA (arp 4075 vcf), 3P (serge mixer/processor) and WVX (serge wave multiplier).
There's interest here. Most likely for all 3. Definitely the LPFA and WVX.
most wanted: VCS
My Frac rig for sure isn't finished yet. I'd be interested in more Bananalogue.
i think i'd be interested in pcb's & building doc's.
i wouldn't need panels as i prefer to build my own.

sorta like Ken Stone does.... any chance on something that??
yes applause
indeed! probably all 3.
I'd love to see more stuff available in Frac but I tend to spend more of my money on DIY than prefab modules. Well at the moment anyway. Once I've made it therough my back log I'll be in a position to be buying more ready made modules again.

One thing that does stop me buying ready made frac modules is the difference in the orientation of the controls between manufacturers. I quite like Blacets sideways pot orientation and have adopted it for all of my DIY stuff. I wouldn't want to mix modules with differing pot orientations. Daft I know but them I am a wierdo.

Bring it on while I've still got some space! The WVX would be a definite.

Apart from the different set of panels, does it take much effort to release in Frac if you're already doing a Euro version? They're more or less the same size. I guess the issue is power.
I want the Wave Mult, I have been trying to track one down for a while... Sometimes I even make a scene when I don't succeed in scoring a WVX hihi

So bring on the WVX and it will sit next to my VCS.

Should we make a poll so we can see how many people are interested?
If they're easy to banana-fy and are quite shallow (c.3" max depth) then I'm sure some BugModular people would be very interested!

LPFA & WVX would be of most interest.
And VCS too!
zerosum wrote:
So bring on the WVX


Ideally I'd like a WVX, 2 more 3Ps & another VCS... in no particular order.

Might be worth doing part of a Frac run in bananas... too tempt some of the recent BugBrand! fraccers hmmm.....

edit: Tom beat me too it d'oh! hihi
I would 1000% get the lot. Bring em on, I'm no DIYer though, would prefer to just buy the finished modules. But would need them to be shallow to fit in the BugBrand racks, though I am going to need another rack very soon!

I would be interetsed in the LPFA and the WVX if you can do them w blue panels!
i might well go for another VCS...
I could always use another vcs and wvx. If they would come pre-banana'd, all the better.

Is it just me, or are a lot of frac'ers going banana these days?
if i had the chops i'd consider bananaifying all my frac modules, as it'd free up all that space currently occupied by multiples (i have 11 of the fuckers), but it would be a huge job (40 odd modules), and i'd worry about loosing all the "normalling" functionality.
Babaluma wrote:
i'd worry about loosing all the "normalling" functionality.

tbh... I found this to be abit of a non-issue. The only "real" pain is the VCAs, because Blacet prefers to normal a Bias voltage to the CV input rather than mix the Bias with an incoming CV... that said I really love my patch-proggramable Quad-Mix VCA & the raw Bias voltage output comes in handy all the time... if I need to I can control all 9 of my VCAs from one pot!
It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners

Banana frac rocks


Frac is dead, long live the Frac
a run with banana plugs !
I might be interested - I'd convert 'em into banana too.

But I think I'd prefer PCBs for DIY. I've been planning picking up Ken's VCS boards for a long time now...
Rockin' Banana!
+1 for bananas and shallow modules to fit in BugBrand rackboxes.

diy would also be of interest.
I'd also be interested if it was banana plug! SlayerBadger!
i'm on the banana boat too. it's a cheeky vessel. smokin' Rockin' Banana! Dead Banana Rasta-nana
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