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Prophet 600- Should I get it?
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Author Prophet 600- Should I get it?
Hey all- I could really use your advice on this one.

There's a Prophet 600 for sale near me- seller wants 1500 CDN (about 1100 USD)

It's got damage- 2 of the switches are broken off completely, so it looks like it's gonna need some TLC as well. But they say it works.

I could get it, and do the gligli mod to make it something- the real question is, is it worth it?
The synth is amazing. I had one in the 1990's and get nostalgic for it often. The crossmod is very cool. If it was fully functional shape, $1100 would be a pretty low price, or maybe fair for its condition.

But . . . I'd wonder about other damage to the front panel pcb where the switches are broken. The switches themselves may not be that difficult to replace, particularly if a cosmetic match wasn't important, but they are awfully low profile to have been broken to begin with. I'd check around there for sure. And maybe call a tech--Wine Country Sequential perhaps--for advice about the availability of parts. If that is all it needed, your unit might be an ok buy.

There is a nice looking 600 on ebay now for $1275. Recently serviced though still with one issue. That direction might be a better value.
Wracked with Guilt
The price is slightly high, considering I picked up a minty P600 with the GliGli mod fitted for 1600 CDN last year. That said, it's an amazing little synth and easily my favourite analog poly.

EDIT: There's actually one here in Toronto for the same price that looks in great condition:
Kijiji Prophet 600

I'd consider making an offer around 1200 for the one you described and explain to the seller you would have to budget for the repair, a service and the GliGli mod.
It's definitely a buyer's market at the moment here (for example there's a nice Trident going for 2995 CDN that keeps tempting me)
$1200 (1600 cdn) for that one you linked looks really nice. I've seen so many for $1600 usd, I thought that was the price. I'd be very tempted for a clean 600 at these prices. Not a P5 but a nice analog poly still.
Listen to some demos and see what you think, but it's quite a respectable little synth with the GliGli mod - not the legendary beast that it is namesake to, but a good solid sound and a decent set of capabilities (love the ability to mix all three waveforms on each oscillator, though it could really use a noise source.) It wasn't for me, in the end, but I have no bad words for it.
Yeah- offered less, and got rejected.
Interest is now waning.

Loved playing an OB6 in the store, but that price makes me cry...
1986Bowler wrote:

Loved playing an OB6 in the store, but that price makes me cry...

Took me 2.5yrs to diligently save for my ob6. It was hard. But every time I turn it on, I think "it was worth it"
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