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BugBrand Drone With Dividers
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Author BugBrand Drone With Dividers
One oscillator provides the master pitch, and four dividers in series generate subharmonics. There's the occasional racket from a piezo mic and an LPG. It all goes to a PT Delay and Crossover Filter.

There's nothing really exciting here, but it's fun to hear the divisions and what happens when you change the master oscillator's wave shape:

Also, I'm guessing there are comparators built into the dual dividers' inputs, because you can very flexibly trigger these things; it's a lot more forgiving in my observations than the Serge divider. The same goes for the envelope generators. Tom, am I right about this?
Beautiful. I remember in the old blue days, I bought several divider modules just to be able to do this kind of subharmonics processing! Still have them smile
Really awesome sounds! love the set up too, I hope to get into some bugz and stroh at some point, have ciat lonbarde and serge so far!

Thanks for posting!
Nice drone! thumbs up
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